Sunday, October 23, 2016

Catching up...

I am so lucky to get to spend my days...

and nights with her...

I had a disappointing failed procedure earlier in the month, Finnie and I drowned our sorrows at Joe T's:

Hat day:

And then lunch with these crazy hat kids:

I couldn't stay for lunch with Hud, but I got a text with evidence of the dessert he enjoyed!

Lucy is 6!!

This is one tolerant baby! She spends a LOT of time at the soccer fields and dance. This is the face of a baby who was woken up from a nap to go to game # 2 of the day:

Trying to get a picture before church...Fin wasn't feeling it:

It feels so weird to only have one kid at the museum!

Trent and I were lucky enough to be given tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert! It was such a fun weeknight date night and she was amazing!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Patriot Day!

Our elementary school does a fantastic ceremony honoring the heroes of 9/11 every year. This year, I had two participants for the first time:

And a not so certain observer...she was suffering from a double ear infection :(

Caught Harper walking in:

She saw her pre-k teacher!

It is a lovely ceremony and we had fantastic weather this year:

Hudson's sweet class:


September happenings!

Lunch with this sweetie:

And this one:

And these two:

The salad chopper has Unfortunately, slicing the avocado with Fin awake, ended up with me slicing my finger open. A few hours later, it was still bleeding and I had to ask Trent to come home so I could go get stitches. Whomp whomp. But, let it be known it was a knife and NOT my beloved salad chopper:

Fin was all revved up for another sleepover at Nana and Pop's!

However, she is a little attached to mommy, so she ended up coming home:

And was a bit of a hot mess but she has us all wrapped so it doesn't matter:

I am amazed and thrilled by how much this baby girl has grown in a few short weeks! So proud of her:

She is practicing for Disney! She just doesn't know it yet!

Ready for Ladybug soccer once again!

Ready for another season!

The cheerleaders:

I am so proud of him. It isn't easy to take on sports and diabetes, but he sure makes it look easy:

I can count on one hand the number of people I will dress up for...Mallie is one of them! Mallie had a super fun 80s party for her 40th! We did our best: