Monday, September 19, 2016

Seaside Road Trip - Day 8

Our last full day at the beach! We spent the day doing all of our favorite things there:

We had brought lunch down to the beach every day, but decided to go out for lunch on our last day. We had clearly worn this one out....this picture was taken before we even started the car!

Back to Pickles:

After lunch, Trent took Fin up for a nap and I got a little beach time with my bigs:

We always save the best for last! Red Bar!

We had promised the kids snow cones, so after beach pics we came back downtown for snow cones!

On the way there, Harper discovered she had her FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!! Neither one of us knew quite what to feel about this development!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Seaside Road Trip - Day 7

Fin LOVED the boat:

The boys found a jellyfish, I was just glad it didn't sting me!!

Then there's Finley...she makes fans everywhere she goes! We got to dinner and I was walking in with her and I heard, "oh look, there's Finley!" Ha! It was some of our new friends from the beach!

Seaside Road Trip - Day 6

Watching their relationship grow and blossom each day is one of the greatest joys of my life:

She wants to be a big girl so badly:


Fin was surrounded by fans:

We loved the Hub so much, we went back! Hudson was a very good babysitter while we finished dinner:

Fireworks on the beach!

My people went crab hunting again while I put the {very exhausted}  baby to bed: