Monday, June 20, 2016

Camp and more

Harps conquering some fears at camp!!!

Full car = full heart!!!!

I promised Hudson a trip to Build A Bear while Harper was at camp (and then vice versa the next week). Lucky him, they were having a special on Star Wars characters! He picked out his two and we each put a heart in them, even Fin:

He stuffed them:

Washed them:

And then Darth and Chewy came home with us:

An even fuller car! :)

My sweet girl, having the time of her life at camp. I am so proud of her. She was really nervous about going and quite uncertain, but she LOVED it. Harper is such a girly girl, but she really got into camp! And it only took her 3 days to say to me, "I am pretty sure it would be okay if I wore a dress over my swimsuit to camp instead of a t-shirt tomorrow". HA!

I am raising two girlie girls!

Summer agrees with him!

I took Hudson and Fin to the library while Harper was at camp. I must take Hud back without Wild Child because I was too busy chasing her to help him pick out many books:

Such a great week!!! So proud of my Harps for giving it a try!

Last Day!

Last day of second grade! This was an eventful, growing year for both of us. I am so proud of Hudson and how well he did during such a challenging year! The last day was "board game" day, so he took Battleship to play with friends!

Meanwhile, I had a lunch date with these two sweet girls after pickup from Camp Thurman:

This kid thinks she is way bigger than she actually is!!

This was Harper's face when I told her this was the last time she had to sit in the "long line" at school EVER (and luckily, she couldn't see me tearing up):

Hello, Summer!!! We have been waiting for you!

The kids acted out an awesome movie for me:

Friday, June 17, 2016

End of year party!

Our lucky kids were able to squeeze in their outdoor end of the year party by the skin of their teeth! A huge crack of thunder ended the party with a bang!

Clown noses are always fun:

So are sweet friends...and Kona Ice!

Hudson and a friend went to sit on the curb to enjoy their son-cone and the boys in the class all ended up joining them:

And soon the whole class was there:

My sweet boy!

Then it was game time!

A fun sweet end to a sweet year! Good-bye second grade...hello third grade!

Camp Thurman!

Sweet Harper had her first trip to Camp Thurman. When it was time to sign up for this year, she was a little uncertain about going (and being away from me). She was especially fearful of the zip line. I didn't sign her up because I wasn't going to force anything she wasn't comfortable with. A few months later, her brother sang CT's praises and talked her into going. Alas, it was too late and camp was full. However, they have a very sweet week for 4 and 5 year olds only that is only a half day and a great way to ease in. It also happened to fall on Hudson's last week of school which was both a blessing and a curse. 

The first day was on Memorial Day, so we all got to take her!
Ready to go and with her sweet (BAYLOR!) counselor, Jitterbug:

There are only 5 little girls in each group and fortunately, she knew two of them (and became fast friends with the other two):

First day was a success!!! I picked her up and she was thrilled. She LOVED camp!!! 
We loaded up the others and headed to my parent's to kick off (unofficial) summer:

Fin telling us, that's a wrap! She was done!

Sisters and Colonial

Have I mentioned how patient Harps is???

I LOVE this picture!! Love how Fin is looking at her big sister. She adores Harper. She shadows her during the day and wants to do whatever she is doing. I pray that they will always be best friends:

Colonial weekend! One of our favorite weekends of the year!
When you go low at get a snack!

My (newly obsessed with TCU and breaking his BU mom's heart) boy and I:

Hole 13!

So, a hawk cornered a squirrel and apparently killed it:

And it was the most fascinating thing FW had ever seen...meanwhile, some golf tournament was going on: