Friday, February 13, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

When Hudson was diagnosed one of the first things the endocrinologist told me was that there is research that stem cells could rejuvenate the pancreas and potentially be a cure sometime in the future. We have never banked cord blood and had HUD been diagnosed after Finley was born, we wouldn't have this time either. But because of the timing we were able to bank hers. Just one of the many ways God has worked in this situation. Finley was named Finley Hope before this happened (for another reason), but we have reason to believe (and hope and pray) that is may turn out she is Hudson's Hope.

This and that

She has us all wrapped! And judging by this expression, she knows it!

She makes me smile:

Fin's first outing!  A trip to Kincaid's for lunch (and she stayed covered the whole time and slept most of it):

Being with these two makes running errands more fun!

Love those cheeks:

Movie night, this time with Finley!

Poloar Express School Party

Hudson's school had Polar Express Day on the last day before Christmas break.  It was super cute. They were able to wear pi's to school, parents volunteered to be conductors and punch tickets in the hall and they had hot chocolate:

That afternoon was his party. This was our first school party post-diagnosis. I was a little nervous (and very postpartum!). I texted my friend who is the room mom to see what they were serving, so we could be prepared.  Since he doesn't like pizza, I wasn't overly concerned. But, as usual, he continues to surprise us!

He ate 3 pieces and is now a huge fan of cheese pizza!

It was a cute party! I love getting to spend time with Hud and his friends. He is having such a wonderful year. We couldn't ask for a better teacher or class!

Two week check up

Fin had her two week check up and I had the BEST helper with me:

At 2 weeks she wasn't quite back to birth weight, but since she was quite big to begin with everyone was okay with that. I believe she was 8 lbs 10 oz at the 2 week check, but forgot to write it down.  We got her started on some reflux meds to help with the spit up and the reflux (poor little pumpkin).  So happy to have our sweet, growing, healthy girl!

A week of Fin and more

Getting the jaundice out:

Why is this house so LOUD??

The 3 best blessings ever:

My superhero:

How we do tummy time:

Loving her new swing:

Goodness he loves her:

A rare eye open pic:

Fin's First Bath!

The family waited on me to give Finley her first bath. They knew I would be very, very sad to miss it!  She wasn't quite sure what to think at first:

She isn't adored or anything:

Such a sweet baby: