Monday, May 23, 2016

Mother's Day and more

Mother's Day was lovely. I slept upstairs (which might sound weird, but was very necessary) and got a full night of sleep for the first time in a long time. I felt like a new person!

We had dinner at Joe T's. My favorite people at my favorite place:

Monday, the girls and I went to pre-school play. I looked at this picture and thought - I just don't know what we are going to do without her next year. It hurts my heart:

Twice in the past week, Fin wanted me to rock her to sleep. I won't ever argue that!

Trent and Hud took a fun field trip to the nature park!

Meanwhile, Fin, mom and I were ladies who lunch:

and shop:

They were playing Harry Potter:

Fin played a dangerous game of "Where's Finley?"

We had a fun playdate with some sweet friends:

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby:

She LOVES to be outside...even in her pjs:

A sweet girl in Hud's class made this for him:

17 months!

Dear Finnie,

You are 17 months old! And in honor of your 17th month, here are 17 things I love about you:

1. You are a WALKER! It was a long time coming (not as long as your sister!), but it was worth the wait! I love watching you toddle around.

2. Your sweet voice. You have the sweetest little voice I have ever heard in my life. 

3. Going along with your sweet voice - your words. You have quite a few of them and add more every day. 

4. Your singing. I sing the same song to you every night before bed, you mimic it back and I love it.

5. That you are a mama's girl. You and I are likethis.

6. How much you love your bubba and sissy. You worship them, follow them and adore them. The feeling is mutual.

7. How excited you get to see your Daddy. When you hear him walk in, you drop everything to go see him.

8. How much you love to be outside. You go straight to the door and say "side? side?"

9. How much you love your stuffed animals and babies. You carry them around and give them pats.

10. You are busy, inquisitive and curious. I love it.

11. How easy going you are. You go with the flow and are the epitome of a 3rd baby.

12. How friendly you are to people. You are shy, but give your waves and smiles freely - as long as I am holding you. :)

13. You are a wild child! That's what we call you. You have no fear and it delights me and scares me at the same time!

14. More and more of your personality comes out every day and it is a treat to discover!

15. I love your dancing. You hear music and you start dancing!

16. And if you hear clapping, you start clapping and cheering!

17. I love getting to do this all over again with you. I am blessed beyond belief to have you and I can't imagine our family without you!

I love you more than words can say!!


Pump it Up

The girls and I had our (practically weekly) play date at Pump it Up. And as usual, we had the place to ourselves!

Fin's first time to walk = Fin's first time to bounce:

Wild child!

How the roll on Saturday mornings:

Hudson was on baby duty at the soccer game:

Pre-K program!

Sweet girl ready for her program!

These two put on QUITE a show! My video is shaky because I was laughing so hard at the two of them!

And Hudson gave a high five to every single kid that walked by him afterward:

Let's go to the mall!

We were out and Christmas May. That' the kind of morning it was:

I was snuggling with these two watching a show before bed when they randomly yelled dance break and jumped up on the table:

Harper and I have always loved going to the mall! She loves the free balloons and the play place...I love being with them!

We met Mallie and Alan for lunch and the park afterwards. This is what happens when you try to push through Fin's nap! (I picked her up right after this):

Wild child!

Fin fell asleep for ten minutes in the car before being awakened. Meet No Nap Nancy:

Have you ever taken a 17 month old to second grade SILENT LUNCH?? It is not at all painful or uncomfortable. Not at all.

Soccer Saturday!

The soccer game was COLD! And we were not prepared!

Hudson improvised:

Sweet girl!

We only had 3 players, so they had to play the whole game! So proud of these girls and so proud of Harper Joy and her THREE goals!

We got home and Harper came downstairs to show me the earrings she created, ha! Pretty creative:

The day turned off pretty nice and definitely warmed up. Hud loved pulling his baby sister's around:

Harper loved pushing her baby sister in the cozy coupe:

Finnie figured out how much more FUN it is to be a walker!

Good old fashioned hop scotch:

Finnie also figured out that Capri Sun is awesome! #3rdbaby She managed to grab Harper's away from her twice!