Saturday, September 20, 2014

Last weekend of summer

We had big plans to road trip to Salado with my parents, but oxygen issues popped up. So, instead we hit Creative Hands:

 We asked Hud what he wanted to on his last day of summer (major sniff). He chose the zoo and swimming. So, that's what we did:

It was a beautiful summer.  And I was very, very sad to see it go.

Last week of summer

We lived it up the last week of summer. We hit a candy store with our friends:

We had our traditional back to school lunch with our friends-since-birth playgroup:

Flashback to that crew a year ago:

We enjoyed a lazy pj morning:

Hudson wanted to write his new teacher a note:

Meet the teacher night was upon us. These two were excited!

We took Hud's new teacher a little gift:

Hud's amazing new teacher:

He was so proud of his locker:

We went to Trent's office for lunch:

And then the boys golfed:

The girls swam. And when bubba's away, we wear his pjs:

The kids got to have a sleepover in our bed as a special treat:


I wanted to take Hudson on a special Mommy date before he started (sniff) First Grade.  He chose Legoland!  So, we were off:

My phone died halfway through so that was all of the pictures I got. He had a great time and I was happy to have one-on-one date with my buddy.
Hudson's peanut allergy has been an issue of concern for me for a while.  He has tested positive for a peanut allergy, but had never reacted (and had eaten peanuts until he was 3). I wanted clarification once and for all since he was started a school that wasn't peanut free.  We ran a blood test that tested the peanut components.  There are 8, I believe, components to a peanut allergy and a few are anaphylactic.  His came back negative for those (thank goodness!) and the only positive one he had was only slightly elevated.  So, the doctor and I decided to do an oral food challenge in the office.  While, I felt confident he would be okay, I was nervous.  Trent met us at the doctor's office:

An hour later and we were in the clear!  No reaction. The doctor told me he wished he could go in my brain and delete the file that ever told me there was an allergy.  So, so relieved.

My Captain America:

Meanwhile, we had a home renovation project going on.  We seem to like to do these things when I am pregnant. We converted the attic into a media room and we are so pleased:

Waco and more...

We made a day trip to Waco for a playdate with sweet friends.  Since it was hotter than blue blazes, we went to the Mayborne Museum:

Then it was on to Ninfa's:

And to visit the bears:

The kids earned a trip to Build A Bear and were in heaven!

Harper marches to her own beat:

Hudson played a rousing game of Where's Hudson, while we waited for Trent:

Like father, like son!