Thursday, October 1, 2015

First week in August...aka Back to Reality

We kicked off our return home with a bang. Harper started her summer dance session:

We took our August road trip to Waco. And we had another fun diabetes moment! Hud needed a pump change, so when we got to lunch I went to do just that. Except - the insulin vial was 10 ml short of what I needed to fill the pod. Awesome! Thankfully, after our NOLA experience, I had the insulin pen with me. I gave him a shot and then I called the on call endo. They were able to call us in some insulin to a local pharmacy, but it was going to take a few hours. Melissa and I decided to brave the heat and take the kids to the zoo (and hopefully allow Hud to burn off some sugar):

Have I mentioned lately what a trooper this one is?? Still worn out from the beach:

We got the insulin a few hours later and all was well. Melissa got a crash course in a type one emergency and was a huge help to me. We made it home without incident and I was worn out!

She is a messy eater just like her sibs!

This has become one of my favorite pictures of all time:

Harper had her last gymnastics session and it was her show off lesson:

She and Alan had their own cheering section:

These two did awesome!

Oh my heart. I love her so:

Hudson played indoor soccer this summer!

He did great and learned so much!!

Seaside Trip Day 9...the day we wouldn't mind forgetting...

It was time to leave. :( It is always hard for me to leave vacation behind. I love my little family of five so much and they are my favorite people to hang out with. Uninterrupted, non-stop time together is my favorite and I hate for it to end.

But, everything comes to an we woke up bright and early to hit the road. 

Harper entertained her sissy for me while I got some things ready:

Fin took one last roll around the floor:

The kids (and I) said good-bye to the ocean:

So, we had many things we needed to get done on this road trip home. The first would be to get gas:

We like to live on the edge. Hudson found a huge hermit crab (technically Toby did and was kind enough to give to Hud) tha the wanted to bring home. Well, google told us that was a bad idea. Our friends were in Destin and were planning on letting one go, they were kind enough to offer it to Hud. So, we swung by to meet them and get Yoda from them.  Then it was back on the road:

We had a wild hair to detour to New Orleans on the way home. It was only about an hour out of the way...I had never been there and had always wanted to visit. We decided to detour and have lunch there. The first thing that happened is we drove into the French Quarter to discover there was a festival. On a Saturday. In the French Quarter. The word you are looking for is nightmare. We pushed through (we came this far!) and made our way to the parking lot we were advised to park in. However, that lot was a bit pricey. Our car was divided as to whether to pay it or keep looking. The pay it team lost. We drove around for another 30 minutes and managed to find a spot on the street. At this point, we are exhausted and starving. Hudson's sugar was running very high, it was hard to tell if it was because of the amount of time in the car (he does run high in the car) or if the pump was giving out. We decided to get him some food and correct him and see if it came down. We walked to lunch, taking in the (crowded) ambience along the way.  We found a restaurant on yelp that was close by and made our way there. It was outdoors and quite packed, but we had our first stroke of good luck. A waitress crossed paths with us right when we walked up, she thought the kids were cute and so she gave us a table in her section. We ate, corrected Hud's very high sugar and listened to some fun, live jazz. We headed to Cafe du Monde for some famous beignets. When we got there the line to get take away was around the block and every table was full. My heart sank because there was no way we were going to wait and again another stroke of luck. A sweet waiter was taking a break and said he would go get us some to-go so we didn't have to wait. It was another stroke of good luck! Our luck ran out there though.

We started walking back to the car, Hudson was acting really lethargic and very similar to how he acted the day he was diagnosed. I was very, very worried. By the time we got back to the car he was complaining of a headache and a stomach. Meanwhile, Fin was blowing up hungry and there was a bum passed out next to our car. Awesome. We tested his sugar and the meter just read HIGH. We have never seen that. Not even at diagnosis. It meant that his sugar was over 600 and it also meant we had a pump failure. We stayed calm and handled it quickly (for future reference - we changed his pump and gave him an injection by the pen needle). As soon, as we got on the road his sugar started coming down which was a huge relief. Trent did not like my idea of getting a hotel room in New Orleans and wanted to push on, so push on we did. However, we didn't get out of NOLA until 5:00 thanks to all the shenanigans. After one more mishap, a dinner stop (at NINE O CLOCK!!!) at chick fil a and my first trip to Buckee's (that place was jam-packed in the middle of the night. Including a woman shopping with a newborn. And spotless bathrooms. Top notch, but middle of the night. Bizarre)...we made it home! At 2:30 a.m.! Only 19 short hours after we left Seaside.

Oh, and I never need to visit NOLA again. Ever.

Seaside Day 8 Part 2!

We rushed back to the condo after our dinner to take beach pictures. We were worried that a storm was on the way (it never came to fruition). As luck would have it my fancy, trusty, seven year old camera chose that exact moment to break. I am still devastated. I used Lizabeth's fancy camera, but I need to get the pictures from her still. So, enjoy these phone pics in the meantime. Some could be considered this one:

Fin could not look less comfortable.

We are working with Hud on holding and not choking:

My boys:

All the kiddos! We transferred Fin duty to Jack...lucky kid:

Sweet girls:

This looks like a group of future frat boys...sweet frat boys:

Ah...there it is:

After our photo session, the tanner and fletcher kids got one last crab hunting session in:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seaside Day 8! Part 1

These two were up and ready to hit the beach for the last full day:

This kid broke the internet with her cuteness:

The big excitement for the day is when I got stung by a jellyfish!!!! I had the 3 girls out on their boogie boards. We were catching gentle waves and giggling, next thing I know I feel this horrific stinging on my leg and I knew instantly what it was (even though this was my first sting. I kept envisioning the jellyfish scene from Nemo). I was worried about the girls and thinking there might be others near by, so I screamed for Toby (the closest adult with us) to come help me get the girls out while I tried to shake it off of my leg. We got them to safety and I went to inspect the damage. Sure enough, it had wrapped his tentacles around my leg twice and left quite a mark:

Thankfully, the office had vinegar spray and meat tenderizer (apparently that little tip on Friends is an urban myth, thank goodness!). The spray and tenderizer cleared it right up and there were no ill effects.

Hudson found a huge hermit crab!! (Technically, Toby did but he was kind enough to give it to Hud):

Hud had a big plan to bring it home with us, but after consulting google we convinced him to let "Crabby" stay in the ocean.


Three of the sweetest friends ever:

(Almost) all of the kids:

After a beautiful, (almost minus the jellyfish) perfect last day on the beach, we geared up for dinner at our other favorite restaurant: