Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seventeen Months!!!


Dear Hudson,

You are seventeen months today!  In honor of your seventeenth month here are seventeen things we love about you:

1. Your language.  You have the sweetest voice and babble up a storm.  I love listen to you talk in your sweet language.  I will love it when we understand what you are saying, but I will forever love the sweet way you communicate right now.

2. The way you run to the door as soon as I say Daddy’s home.  I love how you drop everything and race to the door and bounce up and down waiting on him.

3. Your dance moves!  I love watching you dance as soon as you hear music.

4. Your new favorite position.  I love it when you put your hands behind your head to relax. You look like such a little man and it is precious!

5. How you laugh at the big kids.  Nothing makes you laugh harder than older children, even if you don’t know them or they are simply walking by.  You eat it up!

6. Your energy level.  I really do love this even if I am exhausted at the end of the day from keeping up with you. :)  You are busy all the time and it is fun to play alongside you.

7. Your social side.  I love that you still wave to everyone wherever we go.  It also makes me laugh how you stare them down until they respond to you.

8. Watching you play with your daddy.  Nothing brings me greater joy than watching the two of you run around and play together.

9. Your new tickle spot.  We discovered that you are quite ticklish on your sides and it is an easy way to get the sweetest belly laugh out of you.

10. Your happy demeanor. 99% of the time you are in such a good mood and such a happy little guy.

11.  Your precious dimple.  I love seeing that when you give us a little smile!

12.  Snuggling with you when you drink your milk after your nap.  I love that even though you are one of the busiest kids I have ever seen, you still slow down long enough to cuddle with us.

13. Your big, blue, sparkly eyes.  They shine every morning when we see you.

14.  Your new “Frankie” walk.  We aren’t sure where it came from but it cracks us up.

15.  That you love the water and the outdoors.  

16. That you are such a good eater.  I love that you will try anything and usually love it.

17.   Your inquisitive nature.  You are such a curious child. You are always checking out your surroundings and wanting to know what is going on at all times.

I could go on and on about all the things that I love about you, Huddy.  You are our sweet little boy and we love you so very much.  Happy 17 months!!!

Mommy and Daddy

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Ruth said...

great post idea and awesome memories for sweet huddy!!