Thursday, November 19, 2009

21 Months!!!!!!



Dear Huddy,

You are 21 months old today!!!!!  We have had quite a month together.  About a month ago you had tubes put in your ears, the results have been all we have hoped for and more.  You are sleeping better and you definitely are hearing better!  The speech is slowly coming, but we aren’t worried.  You are still babbling up a storm in your language. :)  It is truly one of the cutest thing we have ever heard.  Your eating patterns have definitely changed this month – to sum it up…you don’t want to eat!  This is a major change for you.  We are attributing it to your age and the fact that those molars are coming in right now.  Occasionally, you still like your favorites but you are on a complete protein strike (except for Joe T’s chicken which you scarf down).  You love playing with your friends, going to the park, dancing to music, and you LOVE it when Daddy comes home.  To my dismay, you have discovered Dora (thanks Nana) and are in love with her.  It is pretty fun to watch you do the “we did it” dance at the end though.  You are in a major hugging stage and it might just be my favorite stage EVER.  You come running to give us hugs, squeeze as tight as you can and say “ohhhhhhhhhh”.  I.Love.It.  You love to be outside and explore.  You find all sorts of little treasures and you aren’t too happy when I don’t let you keep some of them.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we love you.  I love to sneak in at night and watch you sleep.  I want you to know that I treasure each minute with you and I thank God everyday for you. 

We love you so much!!!

Mommy and Daddy


Ruth said...

So sweet! Great picture, too!

Sydney said...

Precious memories and a precious precious pic of that cutie!!