Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve!

We had a truly magical Christmas Eve this year.  I kept saying it was the best Christmas ever and I really think it was!  Snow really does make everything seem even more magical!  (especially when you aren’t used to it).  This was the first white Christmas North Texas has experienced since 1926!!!! We even experienced blizzard-like conditions and we were under a blizzard warning – the first ever issued for this part of the state. Crazy!!!

So, we started our day playing in the snow…(same pics as the other post, but I made them black and white just for fun):

CSC_4351 CSC_4345 CSC_4347 CSC_4348 CSC_4349 CSC_4350

We spent the afternoon preparing the food for our Christmas Eve dinner and just enjoying relaxing.  After an afternoon Christmas Eve service we came home and managed to get a family picture!


Doesn’t Hudson look thrilled??? The little one has been on nap strike the past few days and was worn out!  While Trent was finishing up dinner (we always fondue on Christmas Eve) I ran outside to take some pictures of the snow that was still falling!




Mom brought a snowball in to show Hudson:



Of course, he wanted to eat it:


Hudson gets to open one present on Christmas Eve (new Christmas pj’s).  We did that before we fondued, since little man is still too little to join us in the fondue experience.

DSC_4389 DSC_4352 DSC_4357 DSC_4358 DSC_4364 DSC_4368 DSC_4369

Hudson thought putting the bag on everyone’s head was WAY more fun than the actual gift…

After Huddy said goodnight to baby Jesus:


and read a little…


he went off to have sweet dreams and wait for Christmas morning…



Jaime said...

love all these and the snow is fabulous...please look at the "snow" we had in Austin. It didn't even show up in the pics. LOL! Oh well! Happy New Year!

Kim and Eric said...

Love the pics! Having a white Christmas was so fun this year. Hope you have a great 2010.