Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have been a little blog MIA lately (actually a little MIA from life…).  That would be because I have spent a lot of time with this:

not to mention a zofran pump (you so do not need to see a picture of that going into my leg – it does come with a stylish fanny pack. And, no Jenny, you aren’t getting a picture of that. Ever).

All for this:
10 weeks

Our little poppy!  That is what we have been calling the baby since the email that said he/she is a poppy seed.  He/she is clearly a lot bigger now. :)

If you know me in real life (and if you don’t – who are you?  Seriously, I would love to know!  Come on out lurkers!) then you know I had a tough time when I was pregnant with Hudson.  This pregnancy has not been as difficult (people are shocked to hear that, but it is true I was sooooooooooo much sicker with Hudson, if that tells you how sick I was), but it has still been difficult.  Thankfully, the zofran pump is a bit of a miracle cure.  The IV’s not so much, but that is another story.  It is all worth it in the end though!


Aggie99 said...

I have a picture of you in a fanny pack. :) Should I share??! Actually, it would incriminate me too so probably not the best idea.

I'm glad the pump is working!

Meg said...

i just cannot believe you are on a pump and IV's at home!! meggan!! bless your sweet heart. i also CANNOT believe you were even sicker with word. PRAISE THE LORD the pump is working so well for you!! praying for you and sweet little one...

Lydia said...

I am so glad this one is not as bad as your pregnancy with Hudson! That condition is almost always worse with each child - my sister-in-law had it with both of her pregnancies, too. Thank goodness for home care!

Jaime said...

Glad this pregnancy is going better. I, too, have been MIA with Blogging. I haven't read blogs in awhile so I'm going thru everyone's lately! I can't wait to hear what baby Poppy is and I love Huddy's bluebonnet pics! What a gorgeous field!