Saturday, June 5, 2010

Operation Big Boy Bed

We have officially moved Hudson to his big boy bed.  I wanted to wait until we moved into the new house to do it – new house, new bed and all of that.  Honestly, I probably should have moved him when he turned 2 and decided to climb out of the crib. But, he never did it again and I was really concerned with making this big of a transition while still at my parents.  However, he has recently started waking up ridiculously early in the morning (and I do mean ridiculously – not just too early for me because I am not a morning person, but truly ridiculous) and taking very short naps (even for him).  We decided that maybe he had literally outgrown the crib and maybe that is why he wasn’t sleeping well. So, after much discussion we decided to take the plunge and move him.


Yesterday was his last day to wake up (super early again!) in his crib***:


After his (short!) nap – we took down his bed and set up his big boy bed.  He loves to snuggle under the covers of our bed so I was hopeful that he would love his new bed.  He was super excited about it before bedtime and enjoyed playing around in it.  When it was time for bed we did our usual routine and put him down:

a little reading:



a little goofing around:



and prayers:


Then it was night night time:


He freaked out a little when we turned off the light so Trent stayed with him until he fell asleep.  It took about 30 minutes, but once he was asleep he slept all night.  He woke up too early again – but I think we are just in the vicious overtired cycle.  Naptime today he went down like a champ!  We are hoping he takes a nice long nap and that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the big boy bed. :)


***and I only cried a couple of times which is very impressive for me especially since I am pregnant. :)

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