Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Seaside Day 5!

After burning several pods in the ocean water, we got smart and wrapped it. It worked out well and stayed on. Bonus: Hud loved the wrap. Strongest kid I know right here:

More one on one time with this pretty girl:

Fin LOVED the beach pea pod:

And the go pod...she was all about the pod:

The kids found a jellyfish (I had no idea what foreshadowing this was!):

The Tanners knew a couple that happened to be staying a couple of floors below us. They rented a kayak and were kind enough to let all of our kids try it out:

She loves to be buried!

Fin got in the water and loved it:

After a rest that afternoon (and a nap for Fin), we got ready for some evening beach time and crab hunting:

After dinner on the deck, we headed down to the beach:

There is something so peaceful about the beach at sunset:

When the sun set, it was time for some crab hunting:

We saw fireworks in the distance almost every night:

So proud of all of the crabs he caught!

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