Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch!

One of my most favorite fall things to do is go (as a family) to Flower Mound pumpkin patch. Well, our super strange October weather thwarted those plans. And before we knew it, we were down to the last week before Halloween and running out of time. I was not going to pass up going though because I HAD to get a picture of Finley in the my first pumpkin patch pot. So, the girls, my mom and I trekked up to Flower Mound on a Thursday. And I got the picture:

And then we had some fun! Harper loves the movie Inside Out and especially the character Joy (which is so completely Harper):

Oh, how Harper loves Caillou and Rosie and how I loathe them...

Love this:

Fin is not impressed:

Harper braved the hay maze without her brother:

My sweet girls:

A look back:

It was a beautiful day with my beautiful girls. Just missing my sweet boys.

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