Sunday, December 13, 2015


Dear Harper,

You are 5!!! And you are super excited about it. You like to tell everyone that you are five years old. :)

At five, you are still a pretty picky eater. You will try more things than you used to, but you aren't always happy about it. You are our little snack attack. Your go to phrase is "Can I have a snack?" 

You are the BEST sister. You love your bubba like no other and play with him non-stop. He is your best friend and you look up to him so much. You take such good care of him and you are always concerned about him. You are so protective. You are such a good big sister to Finley. You baby talk her, which cracks me up. You are so sweet to her, you want to pass all of your toys to her and teach her everything. 

You are the epitome of your middle name. You literally skip instead of walk and sometimes sing instead of talk. Speaking of talking, you like to talk a lot. ;) You come by it honestly. I love talking with you and our little conversations. You keep me on my toes and do not let me forget a thing!

You are my sensitive little soul who always wants everyone to be happy. I could not love you more if I tried. I love you so much baby girl and I know God has BIG things in store for you.


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