Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eighteen Months!



Dear Hudson,

You are eighteen months today!!!  I had planned to make a bigger deal out of your half birthday…unfortunately a little thing called moving got in the way. I love this month’s picture of you – it looks like you are practicing a senior picture pose. :) 

You are our little lovebug (I know that when you are a teenager that you will just love the fact that I referred to you that way:)).  We are so lucky that you are such a go with the flow kiddo.  You have taken this move into your Nana and Papa’s house in complete stride.  The past month has been a little crazy for us – selling the house, packing it, moving and you have been great!  We have still managed to squeeze in some fun activities – lots of time in the water, trips to the zoo and the park. 

Your new favorite word this month is “go” and you most certainly do that all the time!  You have started to get a little pickier about eating, but you still love your fruits and veggies.  You would eat grapes (or any fruit) all day long if I let you.  You have mastered running and you are running all over the place.  You love to climb and will climb on absolutely anything that is stationary.  You are a curious little thing – always checking out your surroundings and very inquisitive about what is going on.

You have a new favorite show – Miss Spider – you talk and talk to the characters.

You now require TWO pacis to go to sleep.  One in your mouth and one in your hand – boy, are we in trouble. :)

My favorite part of the day is watching how excited you get when your Daddy gets home from work.  As soon as I say that Daddy is home you take off running for the front door, chanting “yeah, yeah, yeah” the whole way.  Then you laugh and squeal when you see him.  It is precious and makes Daddy’s day.

You still have your precious language and I adore it.  It makes me so happy to hear you babble.

We love you so much baby boy!!!

Mommy and Daddy

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