Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First boo-boo :(





Last week Hudson had his first major tumble.  I was in the bathroom getting stuff together while he was playing his new favorite game – turning the bath water on and off.  He has been doing this for a while and I kept glancing over at him.  Next thing I know, he has dropped something he was holding into the tub and he dove headfirst after it.  His little feet were in the air and he had hit his lip on the tub.  I scooped him up as fast as humanly possible and ran to the other room to stop the blood that was gushing everywhere.  Of course our little boy who knows no fear and has the highest pain threshold ever, was fine by this point.  He was ready to run and play.  It turned out he cut his upper lip (I did not realize how much lip injuries bled).  Thankfully, he was fine and I didn’t make an appearance at the ER in my pj’s (yeah, that almost happened).  Now that we have the first injury out of the way, I am hoping I will be more calm in the future!

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Mel Carter said...

I would have been at the ER!!!! That is why I am no longer allowed to make medical decisions in my family:( Glad he is OK!!! Those tumbles freak me out though!!!!