Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A birthday, a getaway and a trip to the ER….

Friday was my birthday!  We had a very low-key day since Hudson was still recovering from strep and postponed the annual birthday dinner to next Friday.  Trent had planned a quick, fun trip to Fredericsburg the next day.  So, we woke up (early) Saturday morning and set out.  Trent was itching to check out Texas Wine Country and I was itching to take some pictures.  Saturday was COLD – it never got out of the 30s, though we didn’t experience the snow that occurred up here. 

We stopped in Llano and had some delicious barbecue here:


They opened a restaurant in FW recently and I am excited to check that out soon!

After lunch we headed on to Fredericsburg…Spring is definitely trying to make an appearance:


Later we checked into the B&B. It was a cute little cottage that had a very Pottery Barn feel to me:






This was the windmill right outside the cottage:


That night we had dinner at a very popular hole-in-the-wall:


Our plan was to come home a different route the next day and see more of the Hill Country…things didn’t go exactly as planned…

Things started out okay:







A couple of hours into the drive Trent needed to go to the ER.  He hadn’t been feeling well all morning and began to experience a pain in his right side. Since he had zero appetite (very unlike him) we were afraid he was having an appendicitis attack.  Thankfully, we were close to Austin and not too deep into the Hill Country.  So, we detoured to the Round Rock Medical Center ER:


The verdict: food poisoning. We are guessing he got it at the aforementioned hole-in-the-wall.  We both still think it is one of the best places we have ever eaten and it is unfortunate that this happened. :(  We were at the ER for five hours.  We were hoping that by the time we left that most of the SXSW traffic would be gone.  It was but we hit traffic in Temple and ended up not getting home until 10:30 (we left the hospital at 6:30).  Thankfully, Trent is feeling much better now. :)  All in all it was quite a memorable birthday!


The Hake Family said...

Great pics of the B&B! They should hire you : )

LynnAnn said...

Oh my gosh! Your pictures are so good! It seems like wildlife photography could be your thing after all. Just watch out for the zebra. And the holes in the wall.

Lydia said...

Beautiful pictures!! Can't believe Trent got sick! Which B&B did you go to? We love checking new ones out!