Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dallas is blooming…

We decided to head to the Arboretum on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day and Dallas Blooms has started.  It was Trent’s first time to visit so we were excited to show him all of the gorgeous flowers!

DSC_8305 DSC_8238 DSC_8239  DSC_8242 DSC_8247 DSC_8254 DSC_8255 DSC_8256 DSC_8258

Trent showed Hudson how to smell the flowers. So cute!

 DSC_8261 DSC_8262

Of course, then he decided he had to smell ALL of the flowers!

DSC_8264 DSC_8265 DSC_8266 DSC_8267 DSC_8268 DSC_8269 DSC_8272 DSC_8282

This is a rare sight…so very still!


 DSC_8290 DSC_8294

In the background of this picture is a friend from BU with his family!  I didn’t realize it until we got up close to them. So fun to run into him and meet his little one!

DSC_8297 DSC_8300 DSC_8303

Now that it seems Spring is here we are looking forward to many more visits soon!

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