Wednesday, December 7, 2011

13 months old!!!!

13 months 

Dear Harper,

You are 13 months old!!! Could you get any sweeter? I think not.  You had a wonderful birthday and a fantastic second Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to Christmas with you!

You are still a great eater!  You love almost everything (still hating on the corn though).  You are still a choker and have given me a couple of scares.  Overall, you love food! You have transitioned to soy milk very well. And after a few tries we found a cup that suited you.

The two of us took Kindermusik together this semester.  I won’t lie – you didn’t love it. You liked the music, but pretty much preferred to stay in my lap the majority of the time.  At home when music comes home – you dance and dance.

You are shy! You wave as hard as you can at people, but the minute they give you attention – you smile shyly and bury your head in my shoulder. it is very, very sweet.

You are my chatty cathy! So far you say:



mommy (once!)





bye bye


You know what your bop is and can find it when asked. (Speaking of – I think you love your bop even more than big brother did…if that is possible). You definitely know what we mean we ask you if want to eat. You look for mama, dada and bubba when asked.

Your bedtime is still 6:00. You definitely turn into a pumpkin then. :)

You are happy go lucky almost all of the time. You are laid back and definitely go with the flow.  I had to take you with me to a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago (unexpectedly).  We were there 2 hours (with you going on a 20 minute nap) and you were sweet and happy as could be.  The only thing that gets you riled up is when you are ready to eat! :)

Speaking of eating – yesterday you ate an entire cheeseburger (bun, cheese and meat) at In-n-Out. I am still in shock which is why I feel the need to note this. :)

Baby girl – we love you so very much. You bring JOY to our lives.



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Betsy said...

I was witness to the cheeseburger eating!! She us such a sweet girl!