Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It’s good to be a Bear!  It is always good to be a Bear, but it is especially good this year!  Baylor is having a stellar season!!! 9 wins, a Heisman Finalist!!! (RGIII) and we are headed to the Alamo Bowl! What a year!

Baylor played Tech the Saturday after Thanksgiving at Jerryworld. We decided at the very last minute to go.  Baylor Athletics announced they were selling endzone tickets for a steal on Facebook.  Trent and I decided we should go and take our dads with us.  I am so glad we did! The seats were GREAT! And several of my sorority sisters that I never see were sitting very close by! So very fun to catch up with them! And it was such a great game! It was fun to show both of our dads the stadium as well.  A great night and a fun memory!

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