Monday, January 27, 2014

Bop Free!

The day we went to the Polar Express turned out to be a very big day. As we were leaving to go, we realized that Harper's bop (aka pacifier) was missing.  I turned my parents house upside down looking for it.  Harper was a hard core bop addict (I just thought Hudson was bad).  I couldn't find the thing anywhere. I explained to her it was missing and she was sad, but understood it was gone.  Trent was taking the kids home after the train so I could do some Christmas shopping. I apologized that he was going to have to do bedtime bop-free for the first time without me.  Mom and I went to dinner and I realized when we got there...the bop was with me. Oops. I called Trent and explained, but she had already gone to bed with ZERO problems!  And she was fine everyday after that.  I told her I would take her to Build-A-Bear as her prize (she told me she just wanted a sucker:)).  We found an old bop (that she knew was yucky and unusable) and she put it in her pink bear that she chose.  Such an exciting time for my big girl!!  We are all so very proud of her!

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