Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August happenings...

The day after our return from Seaside, we hit the park.  It was another one of those awesome (but weird) cold fronts we had this summer, so it was the perfect temperature!

That weekend we had a pool birthday party for three of our friends and hit up Kincaid's afterwards:

We started a home renovation project which meant we had to go floor shopping. These two were great shopping partners...I felt like we were building all over again! (And yes, that is a Wrinkle in Time Harper is carrying. She has taken to carrying my old books around to "read"):

We made another trip to Hawaiian Falls with friends:

I took my sweet munchkins to the museum:

This feels like a flash forward a decade down the road:

This happened. Again.

Then this happened:

It wasn't a great week.

We finally made it out to one of our favorite splash parks:

 This is one sweet princess:

Who makes hilarious faces:

She is rarely without a tiara:

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