Monday, June 20, 2016

Camp and more

Harps conquering some fears at camp!!!

Full car = full heart!!!!

I promised Hudson a trip to Build A Bear while Harper was at camp (and then vice versa the next week). Lucky him, they were having a special on Star Wars characters! He picked out his two and we each put a heart in them, even Fin:

He stuffed them:

Washed them:

And then Darth and Chewy came home with us:

An even fuller car! :)

My sweet girl, having the time of her life at camp. I am so proud of her. She was really nervous about going and quite uncertain, but she LOVED it. Harper is such a girly girl, but she really got into camp! And it only took her 3 days to say to me, "I am pretty sure it would be okay if I wore a dress over my swimsuit to camp instead of a t-shirt tomorrow". HA!

I am raising two girlie girls!

Summer agrees with him!

I took Hudson and Fin to the library while Harper was at camp. I must take Hud back without Wild Child because I was too busy chasing her to help him pick out many books:

Such a great week!!! So proud of my Harps for giving it a try!

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