Thursday, June 16, 2016


My sweet girl had her THIRD recital! She loves to dance and I love to watch her! She was not feeling 100% at recital, which made me sad for her, but she still did awesome!

She loved her tap costume!! "Life's a Happy Song", perfect for my Harper Joy!

Her company (competitive group) dance, "Cows":

Ballet, "Dream a little dream":

Poor Fin wasn't feeling well and had spiked a fever. My mom graciously stayed home with her, so she could rest and we could focus on Harps.
Her Daddy brought her flowers:

Just missing our Finnie:

Pop loves to see her dance!

We had to move recital to a local high school instead of the usual performing arts center. The girls got dressed in a classroom. While they were killing time, I caught a cute shot of them:

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