Saturday, September 17, 2016

19 months!

Dear Finley,

You are 19 months! And you are actually way more excited about it than you act like here. :) 

At 19 months you are full of joy and energy. You are BUSY. Until you came along, I thought Hudson was our busiest kid and they couldn't get busier. I was wrong. You are curious and love to explore and I love it.

You have a lot of new words this month. Unfortunately, I am behind  and I don't remember what they all were this month. But, you are very communicative. You understand everything we are saying and can respond appropriately.

Your sleep remains pretty much the same. Though like your brother before you, you sometimes like to wake up for a couple of hours in the night and chat it up. You sleep even later when that happens to make up for it.

You are our adventurous eater. You will try anything! Whatever I am eating is always more interesting than what you have and you want a "BITE". I love it.

You are JOY and LOVE all in one little bundle of cuteness. We could not adore you more if we tried.


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