Friday, September 16, 2016

Omaha Road Trip - Day 2

The year before was a rough night in Wichita!! Thankfully, this night was a lot smoother. 

2 of my 3 sweethearts, the 3rd was too busy to stand still!

This flashback showed up on my time hop app:

Ready to keep heading North!

This may not look like much, but it is actually huge!!! Hudson was going through a phase where he really didn't like to check his blood in front of people, didn't want to talk about diabetes, etc. Camp didn't seem to have that much of an impact on him at the time. He was very mellow about it all. Apparently, it made a huge impact on him!!! This right here is the proof of that!

We made it!

After the kids went to bed, Hudson's dexcom wasn't reading. I went to investigate why and found this:

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