Sunday, March 5, 2017

Disney Tip '16 - Day 10.

And just like that it was our last day!!! :( We kicked it off with breakfast at one of our favorites. Since we brought our car we parked at the Grand Floridian and monorailed to MK:

I got birthday buttons for the kids on the way in because there is always a reason to celebrate!


Whomp, whomp eyeore!

Fin was not impressed:

Always a favorite, Piglet!


Pretty girl! And as a bonus, they got birthday cupcakes for breakfast!

It was a little too bright and a little too much for the almost 2 year old, to get the castle pic I wanted:

I have a friend who is currently battling breast cancer. She is a young mom of two and it breaks my heart! We share a love for Disney, it was only appropriate to wear her shirt in her favorite place and send her a pic of it!

Fin and I hung out at the play area while the big kids rode Splash Mountain:

Then the big kids and I rode Big Thunder together:

Ten days will do you in!!

She slept as we took her out of the stroller and waited for Belle's enchanted Tales:

Harper was picked to be Mrs. Potts:

Fin went to meet Belle. She was so brave!!! And even more precious, they introduced her constant companion Noodles!!! I will never forget it:

Another Be Our Guest meal!

They have always loved each other!

7 Ds!

One last ride - Space Mountain with the bigs!

I could not love this picture more!

With her new treasures:

We stumbled upon a wedding as we were leaving:

A wonderful, beautiful, successful Disney trip!

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