Sunday, March 26, 2017

Finley is 2!!!

Dear Finley,

You are two my sweet girl!! Unfortunately, you are also sick on your birthday :( Double ear infection and strep. Not a very fun way to spend your birthday. Thankfully, we scheduled your party for much later. And I will never turn down the extra snuggles.

What a month you have had - a trip to Disney (where you were a rock star and enjoyed yourself so much), ear infection after ear infection (we are taking care of that in a couple of weeks!) and so much more.

You continue to be our best eater - you will try anything, yell "Bite!" when you want a bite and you always want what I am having!

Sleep. You do that. Well.

You adore your big brother and sister so so much. And you want to be wherever they are, doing whatever they do and in the middle of all of it.

Speaking of your sister - when she practices her dance, you practice right alongside her. And you watch her dance videos all day long.

You adore Mickey Mouse, but Frozen is catching up as a close second. Elsa is your fave!

You are my go along, easy baby girl. But, you do have a stubborn streak! Fortunately, you rebound fast!

Your language is taking off (and after you get your tubes in a few weeks, it really explodes!). Some of my favorite phrases: " 'Mon!" (meaning, come on!), "Wuv you mommy", "sissy", "bubba" "Show me" (which means I will show you).

Oh baby girl, how I adore you. You are our cherry on top. We were incomplete before we had you and we all know it. 

I love you so much!!

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