Sunday, December 8, 2013

Icemaggedeon 2013!

The media started warning us about a massive winter storm earlier in the week. A lot of people were doubting it because a.) they blew the prediction on a big storm before Thanksgiving and b.) it was 80 the day before. Literally. Well, they were right!

We just finished day 3 of being iced in and day 4 is happening tomorrow. School has already been cancelled. We got above freezing today for a few hours for the first time in 80 hours or something. We are going to be in a crazy thaw and freeze patter the next couple of days, with some crazy freezing fog mixed in!

Personally, I love being iced in.  It is a forced slow down and an awesome time to just hang out with our little family.  We have had a great few days!  I heeded the warning and stocked up on enough food to keep us stocked until at least Wednesday (thank goodness!).

Looks like snow, but don’t fooled…all ice:

IMG_7921 - Copy

Salt dough ornaments:

IMG_7927 - Copy IMG_7929 - Copy IMG_7932 - Copy

I love this picture because it is my favorite laugh of Harper’s:

 IMG_7935 - Copy IMG_7936 - Copy

Painting our ornaments:

IMG_7940 - Copy

Finished products:


Hot chocolate, popcorn and the Grinch! 


We have eaten well!


Day 2 started with some dancing:


Some crafts:


Some baking:


And some playacting like Luke and Leya:


Day 3, I have zero pictures of! I have a puny boy :( (weather change and allergies), so we laid low, watched some movies and I did a little organizing.

Looking forward to Day 4. :)

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