Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas Day!

Santa came and was ready for the littles!

We made Hudson wait, while we woke up Harper:

Harper had been so worried about Santa coming to our house (remember, not a fan). She was pleasantly surprised at what he left and the fact that he didn't come to her room:

Hudson's class took a field trip to the Dollar Store where they picked out gifts for each family member. Hudson was passing his gifts out here.  He put so much thought into each gift, it was the sweetest!!! He got Trent a mirror, so he wouldn't have to share mine anymore (which was actually Trent's, but we didn't tell Hud that), Harper a bath toy and me some plastic flowers (because I love flowers and I love things that smell good). He is the sweetest boy ever!

I love these two pictures:

We took the last ring off of our Countdown to Christmas:

Chandey came through ;)

We had a nice relaxing Christmas. A wonderful Mexican feast and early bedtimes for the littles, who were worn out from all the excitement.  The kids were thrilled by everything. I love experiencing it all through their little eyes!

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