Tuesday, February 25, 2014

January Fun

This is what happens post-allergy shot. Every.single.time. Poor buddy. We take the long way home:

We celebrated Keelan's 6th birthday with some trampoline fun:

This one can hijack a ride like nobody's business. She spots a grown up sticking a quarter in a ride and beelines over there:

Martin Luther King Day was a beautiful day for the park with friends!

My tiny dancer! I have waited so long for this day!!! And she loves it as much as I hoped she would:

Cold days = a lot of indoor fun:

This was in the middle of my uploads. I can't bear to take it out!  Throwback Tuesday:

Luckily, they still love each other a LOT:

Hud will read to Harper on the way to school sometimes:

I love this picture with all of my heart:

Playdate with my best girl:

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