Sunday, April 24, 2016

Easter Sunday

 Easter Sunday was a very relaxed, peaceful day. Given everything that was going on in our extended family at this point, this was exactly what we needed.
Some,very out of order, pictures of our day.

Our five:
My mom makes a bunny cake every year for the kids to decorate (next year Fin!). This was the best they have ever done! And since Fin will get to participate next year...this might be the best for a while!

Best I could get before the (very intense) egg hunt!

The final result!

Finnie was still not walking, so she had some help:

Harper on a mission:

 Fin was content with just one egg:

Later in the day, we did our traditional confetti eggs. Always fun!

Checking out their loot:

Confetti egg fun:

Waiting to see what the Bunny brought:

And later helping baby sister:

Sweet Finnie:

Playing her favorite game - where's Finnie?!

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