Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thursday and Friday...

Well, SB took a turn to say the least! We had some terrible storms overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Unfortunately, Trent got caught in those storms on the way to work Thursday. A massive hail storm popped up (egg sized hail. I told him that wasn't a thing - but apparently it is) and he was a sitting duck. The most important thing is he was safe.

My beloved Tahoe (yes, it was his now, but it will always feel like mine!) on the other hand...not so much:

So, we hung out at home on Thursday making calls and avoiding any other storms. And apparently, hiding under covers:

Hud's numbers were pretty much perfect all week:

Friday I took the big kids to Urban Air and prayed it wasn't too crazy:

Then we went to Joe t's to celebrate my (early) birthday:

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