Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Finley is 15 months!!!

Dear Fin,

You are 15 months old! You are the sweetest, silliest, BUSIEST little girl that ever lived. You love to play, play, play. You like to have someone playing with you, but you are content to play on your own as well. You love to take things in and out of a purse, play in the pink car, play with your activity table, and push your push toys (FAST). Your favorite toy is still your toy kitchen.

Sleep has not changed. :)

You love to eat!! You sign more - often. :) You try most foods and enjoy all of them. Except vegetables, I am sad to say you have lost your love for most veggies. But, we will keep trying! You love fruit though! Right now you are drinking almond milk (again), your little belly did not love soy milk. You are quite happy on almond. 

You have quite the nightly routine, you want your milk and you want it NOW. Once we are done rocking, drinking and singing you are ready to go to bed. You grab your lovey (Noodles), tuck it under your arm, pop your bop bop in and go to sleep. And you are the sweetest sleeper.

This past month you had your first stomach bug. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing one of my babies throw up - especially when they are still a baby baby. You handled it so well and was so happy.

You have many words - Mama, Dada, Bubba, Harper, Nana, Pop, bop bop, BYE (said at the top of your lungs), thank you, this and here.

You have the sweetest disposition. You smile at everyone and wave at everyone. Still no walking, but you are the fastest crawler in the south.

We love you so so much baby girl.


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