Saturday, July 22, 2017


February. Also known as Hudson's birthday month. His sweet teacher sent this to me:

Love this girl:

100 days of Kinder:

Sweet siblings:

Dance siblings:

"Let's take a selfie":

I don't know how a puzzle hating mom got two girls who love them:

Sweetheart dance at school:

After losing a ridiculous amount of pods to static, we got smart and put duck tape on the pod:

A sweet friend made rocks just for my kiddos and hid them at school:

Hudson had his third grade field trip to the Natatorium:

Harper had a "sick" day:

Wax Museum! Hudson was Jeff Kinney, his favorite author who also happens to share his birthday:

Museum day with this sweet girl:

Birthday party with these sweet girls:


Not a fan:

Endo appointment, he rocked it:

Daddy/Daughter Sweetheart dance:

And a sweetheart dinner with this sweet boy, his choice - Joe T's:

Another epic Valentine box for Trent and Hud:

Happy Valentine's Day:

Nature Park with my favorites:

And zoo day with some other favorites:

Lunch date with Daddy!


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