Friday, July 21, 2017


January was a rough month. Very rough.

But, we started with crazy hair, don't care:

We entered this phase with Harper apparently:

We (finally) wrapped up soccer with our soccer party:

Sweet sisters:

We lost another tooth. And it was dramatic again:

Lunch with these sweet girls:

This sweet boy:

And this side-eyeing 2 year old:

Fin watching big sis:

Hudson's 3rd grade project...volcano eruption! I had surgery on the day of this and so I couldn't be there, but Trent ran over to watch and a friend videoed for me:

Sweet friends who took my kids to school for me:

And had lunch with them:

Then I was home and this sweet girl kept me company:

So did these sweethearts:

I spent my downtime on YouTube learning how to french braid:

We had a tornado go over our house (and scar Hud for life):

Harper learned how to call her grandparents (and my cell):

I snuggled up with this sweetie:

And we went to Little Gym:

We bought a new mattress and were encouraged to let the kids jump on it to break it in:

Fin and I watched the inauguration. She was slightly more enthusiastic than I was:

Harper got her own fairy and fairy door:

And started gymnastics:

In the midst of all this life turned upside down. One week after my surgery, we got a call that my dad had fallen at the high school basketball game. One ambulance ride, one careflight and a long ICU stay later - he got to come home. We rode the roller coaster of it was an aneurysm to it was vertigo and it was a terrible ride. We were thankful he came home and his grandkids were the best medicine:

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