Saturday, July 22, 2017


Trial run for competition hair:

Didn't quite work out, so we had to go to Plan B:

Working on her bridge:
First competition of the season!
 Curl Secret for the win! Production ready, Polka Dot Bikini girls:

And first soccer game for Hud!

Silly girls. Marry Me was one of the cutest dances ever!

My princesses:

Open House with these two:


Park time with these two!

Grandparents Day!

We spent part of Spring Break in Waco. Museum fun:

And swimming fun!

Beautiful day for the zoo, believe it or not!

And this happened! Happy early birthday to me!

I promised these two Chuck E Cheese:

Our fave park!

Bowling fun!


Pickle Parade:

Rock Hunting for my birthday:

Joe T's with my favorites for my birthday:

My last birthday with my Daddy, if only I had known:

She thinks she is their class mascot:

Kinder Field Trip Fun!


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