Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daddy time at the zoo…

A few weeks ago we all went to the zoo. It had been awhile since we had been all together.  Hudson takes so much more interest in the animals now and it was fun that Trent got to see that.

Checking out the giraffes…



The infamous backpack…something before I was a parent, I swore I would never use. Then I had Hudson…who is very active, always on the move and doesn’t understand that he has to stay with us.  Fortunately, he LOVES his backpack and cries when we take it off.  Win-win – he loves it and we know he is safe!




Can’t wait to go back to the zoo as a family again soon!


Katie E said...

He's getting big Meggan, he's a little boy!! :-) and :-(

Amy said...

I love the backpack.