Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hud's Language

I have blogged many times about Hudson’s “language”. It really is precious to me and I truly do love it. However, the past couple of months I have gotten a little concerned about it. He seemed to have dropped most of the words he had before and wasn’t picking up new ones very quickly. He was still meeting the milestones for his age, but I was still concerned. A couple of weeks ago we found out he had yet another ear infection. I asked the pediatrician if we should think about tubes and he recommended that we see an ENT. The ENT confirmed that he did indeed need tubes and that he has quite a bit of fluid built up in his ears. He said that his speech has definitely been affected by this and that he will catch up within two months of getting the tubes. Also, the fluid is affecting his balance, his sleep and his temperament (because he is in pain). I won’t lie – I am starting to think of these tubes as a miracle cure. :)
Anyway, I captured a little of his language on video tonight. Disclaimer: sorry for the no shorts that is just how we were rolling today. Also, my mom makes a brief appearance in the background (which I am sure she will want to kill me for) and would probably like me to tell you that she had to have a procedure done, hence the bandage on her face. :) I am looking forward to pre-tubes and post-tubes videos in the coming months. In the meantime I am going to soak up his sweet little language while we still can and I eagerly anticipate him embracing the English language. :) Prayers for his procedure next week would be much appreciated!


Katie E said...

I've always loved his "talking"! So glad you guys have some resolution, I know you feel so much better. Go tubes!

Aggie99 said...

My mom would agree that tubes are little miracles and I was a changed baby after mine! :)

Keep us posted about next week.

Jaime said...

I'm laughing so hard at his dancing or "shaking it out!" Soo cute. He sounds like a little C3PO or soemthing. LOVE it! I'm so glad you got that figured out...I bet that was a little scary and he will be more comfy now too! :)