Sunday, October 4, 2009

DW Trip Day 3!

We headed to Animal Kingdom.  The last time we were in DW, we didn’t have time to visit this park…we missed out!  We should have skipped Epcot and gone here!

There is a funny story behind this picture.  While we were headed to the entrance there was a French couple with a little boy taking a picture in front of the sign.  We offered to take a family picture for them and then they reciprocated with taking our picture.  After we were done she asked where we were from, I responded with Texas.  She looked at us astonished and said “You are American?? But, you are so nice!”.  I just laughed, but inside I was a little sad about her view on Americans.  Anyway, here is the (blurry thanks to the Florida humidity) picture:


This is AK’s signature roller coaster Expedition Everest:


Here are some HUGE bats we saw at one of the exhibits:


This is the Tree of Life:




That night we headed back to Magic Kingdom:


A huge thunderstorm hit while we were riding the Haunted Mansion.  It was pouring so much they let us get back on the ride immediately without having to wait to avoid the rain.  We declined the offer for a third ride and braved the rain.


Inside the castle:





This was an ice cream parlor we went to a couple of times on Main Street.  The lady in front of us was a bit high maintenance (and by that I mean she was extremely rude and demanding).  By the time we got our order my ice cream was soup. I politely requested a new scoop (the ice cream wasn’t cheap people) and the man generously gave me a double scoop (which I so didn’t need, but did accept).


Trent and his new friends:



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Jaime said...

you and trent always go on the coolest jealous! looks like a fabulous time and i'm with you, I cannot wait to take my kiddos==SOMEDAY. Now wouldn't be too cool with all the 5k strollers there. love disney world, tho!