Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's A...

A lot has changed since I had Harper, one of those changes is that there is now a blood test that can be done in very early pregnancy.  It detects possible issues with the baby and it can tell you the gender.  At 10 weeks!  At first I turned it down, but after discussing with my doctor I decided to have it done.  So, I ended up finding out at 13ish weeks instead of 10.  Since it seemed a little impersonal to be told over the phone (rather than seeing it at the ultrasound), I had the nurse tell my mom.  My mom found out in front of me, manage to maintain a poker face and kept it secret all day.  I had her fill a box with balloons with the color matching the gender. :)  Then we had each of the kids pick the color balloon matching what THEY thought the baby was:

It's a girl. :)  Everyone is thrilled and most importantly she is healthy!  So happy, relieved and blessed. Can't wait to meet this little blessing in December.

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