Friday, August 15, 2014

Omaha Road Trip - Day 1

We got ready to take our first (of two) long road trips in July. We headed to Omaha for the 4th.  These two were ready:

So thankful they are such great travelers!

This is one of the greatest pins of all time!  My kids know they get this at the beginning of the trip and when it is gone, it is gone.  

My kids don't nap in the car (later in this post, I eat my words) but they pretend well!

The kids were actually happier than they appear. This was our lunch stop in Guthrie, OK:

This was Harper pretending to nap when Trent told her to take a nap:

Then she actually did fall asleep....for two hours!!!

Dinner stop - a Runza, of course!

Trent got out all of his old Star Wars toys for Hud...Hud was thrilled:

These two were pumped to have a sleepover!

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Mallie Oakley said...

How nice of Trent's mom to keep all of those toys!