Saturday, August 9, 2014

Third week of June

Well, the 3rd week of June certainly did not start out like I had what appears to be a Father's Day tradition with me while I am pregnant, I ended up in the ER again.  I have been VERY, VERY lucky so far this pregnancy, but this weekend (and the week following) was a bad one. I became very dehydrated Saturday and it just spiraled from there.  I must have looked pretty bad by the time we got to the hospital because they brought out a wheelchair and took me right back (that was a first) and had me hooked up to an IV pretty quickly.  It was one of my faster ER trips, thank goodness.  And for the most part, it stopped the vicious cycle:

The next day I took the kids to open gym (because ER visit or not I still have two other kids to take care of:)):

We did a little painting:

Harper and I had a fro-yo date while the boys golfed:

And then we made cookies in preparation for a big event:

She makes me giggle:

I absolutely love Concert in the Gardens and have looked forward to taking the kids for a long time. We bought the tickets well before my horrible week and I prayed all week that I would feel better.  Thankfully, the Lord heard me and by Friday I felt pretty good. And it was remarkably mild which was another answered prayer. 
Sweet kids:

We surprised the kids with the fact that it was Star Wars night. Hud was in heaven!!! Of course, he wanted to meet everyone (Harper beelined out of there as fast as she could). 

My two love bugs:

It was the perfect night. The music was fun, the laser show was awesome and the fireworks were fantastic.
Always a sign of a successful night:

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