Wednesday, January 13, 2016

AZ Road Trip Day 7

We took our time getting out of Lubbock. We decided to go to Lubbock instead of Amarillo on the way home. It was a longer drive to Lubbock, but a shorter (and a bit prettier) drive on the way home. When we arrived at the hotel the night before, the pump failed and Fin had a bit of a struggle going down (unusual for her). So, we had a slow morning. 
Harper is the BEST big sister. Always looking out for her baby sister:

This was not the road trip of exciting and different food! We were going to try something different for lunch in Abilene, but it was closed. And also, we were tired of driving. So, Chick Fil A it was!

Brain freeze:

A few short hours later, we finally made it HOME!

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