Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our journey to AZ - Day 1

In early fall, we decided to take part of Thanksgiving and go visit Grandpa and Grandma. There were many variations thrown out of how this trip might happen. In the end - the Fletchers love a road trip, so we road tripped to AZ. 
After the craziness of Feast Day, I got the luggage loaded, picked Hud up from school early, picked Fin up from my mom's (had a couple of obstacles thrown in the way) and we eventually headed downtown to get Trent.
3 happy campers:

Book lights for the win:

Sweet Finny Foo at our first stop (dinner in Wichita Falls):

We had a late departure which resulted in a late arrival at the hotel in Amarillo:

Still happy! We also had to replace Hud's dex when we got to the hotel (I can't remember why now. I think it had come off). So, we were late going to bed and then had a 2 hour period where we couldn't see his number and had to calibrate at 3 a.m. It was a long night!

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