Friday, January 15, 2016


We took the kids to see Santa. We always visit the same mall (though Santa's helper changes every year). I like having the same background through the years and the kids know this is where we go to see him. We go during the week after school, so there isn't a line. I was very anxious to see how Finley would do. Hudson never cried ever (came close when he was 22 months, but kept a brave face). Harper, as well all know, cried every.single.year. And made the news every year. So far...Fin is like Hud!

We rescued Fin (who never cried but wasn't so sure) and let the big kids talk:

He was the best Santa! So sweet and talked to the kids for a while and then helped with the minion hats (got to love product placement):

The pictures the actual photographer took were terrible! I had to buy them since I took pics with my own camera, but I prefer mine by far. He didn't even capture the one of Fin looking at Santa, even when I told him to snap it really quick. Oh, well.

A flashback to one of our many visits. Harper was Fin's age here:

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