Sunday, November 13, 2011

1st Birthday!!!

My baby girl turned 1 at 7:54 on November 4th. :)  Being the sleeping beauty that she is, she woke up a little after 8. Hudson and I went right in to greet her:

DSC_9046 DSC_9047

I wanted to do something that would be fun for both of the kids, but especially the birthday girl.  My mom and I took the kids to the children’s museum.  I hung out with Harper in the baby area, while mom played with Hud:

DSC_9064 DSC_9066 DSC_9068 DSC_9069 DSC_9080 DSC_9086 DSC_9099 DSC_9104 DSC_9109 DSC_9120

She LOVED it!  Afterward, we had a fun lunch at Kincaid’s. After that, we headed home for naps and rest time.  That night we headed to dinner at our favorite celebration spot – Joe T’s. :) All of the pictures are on my cell phone though. Hudson insisted we pick up cupcakes since it was Harper’s birthday.  I wanted her first taste of cake to be at her party – so everyone else had a little cupcake in her honor. :)  After that, it was early to bed because we had somewhere very special to be very early the next day!

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