Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One year stats

I took Harper for her one year appointment today. I postponed her shots a week because she is a little under the weather with a cold.  The doctor said she is doing great!  She has more words than most one year olds (mama, dada, bubba, hi, hey, bye, nana and we all swear she has said “i love you” a few times).  The doctor isn’t concerned that she isn’t walking yet (I am not either).  He also isn’t concerned that she is (STILL) not rolling.  She pulls up, cruises, etc.  I asked about how much she sleeps (not complaining, just asking) and he said that all kids are on a bell curve and she falls at the “needs more sleep” end of the curve.  That is also why she seems to eat non-stop when she is awake – has to get her calories in when she can. :)

One memorable (humiliating) moment…Harper was shoving cheerios in (because she eats.non.stop.) and I started to dress her. She did not care for this and started blowing up.  Well, crying with cheerios in your mouth is not a good combo and of course my little choker started choking.  I swept most of them out, but she started gagging and I might have panicked a little.  I cried for help and the entire office came running. Awesome.  Thankfully, she was fine and I was just a bit red-faced.


Height: 30 inches (75%)

Weight : 21 lbs 12 oz (75%)

Head: 46 (I think?? 75%)

Her growth has slowed down, but she is still a very proportional girl. :)

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