Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Part I

I had to split Halloween into two parts, since Harper was only with us for part I. Sleeping Beauty kept her usual 6:00 bedtime. :)

An attempt at a picture of the two of them (I found Harper’s “Jessie” dress on etsy!):

DSC_8859 - Copy

I took them to trick-or-treat early at my parent’s house, as well as a couple of their neighbor’s houses so Harper could participate during her first Halloween!

Trick-or-treating Nana and Pop:

DSC_8862 - Copy DSC_8869 - Copy DSC_8870 - Copy DSC_8875 - Copy

A few pictures with my favorite kiddos!

 DSC_8878 - Copy DSC_8881 DSC_8886 DSC_8887

Next it was off to Doris and Richard’s house:

DSC_8889 DSC_8891

Doris wasn’t there, but I was able to get a picture of Hudson with one of his favorite people:

DSC_8898 DSC_8900 DSC_8903

Then it was home for a quick dinner before putting Harps to bed and heading out for the night!

DSC_8910 DSC_8914

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