Monday, November 14, 2011

Baylor Homecoming!!!

The day after Harper’s birthday is one of my favorite days of the year! Baylor Homecoming!!! It is like Christmas to me.

As I said, we got up super early (I got up in the 5s. That is true love and devotion.  I only get up that early if my kids need me…or you know to have a kid).  I thought that Harper might sleep on the way up there, but alas she did not.  I am very glad we waited until the last minute to wake them up.  We stopped for coffee and biscuits and then it was southbound!

I took this picture in the new (ish) parking garage.  In the background you can see my old dorm – Collins! Lots of fun memories there.


Then we walked over to campus.  On the way we had to stop so Hud could give Harps her morning hug. :)


This year Hudson actually wanted to watch the parade! It has been YEARS since we have gotten to actually watch, so this was super exciting.  Harper got to enjoy her biscuit finally:


Grace and Hudson noticed donuts in the Baylor Nursing School tent…so they went over to steal   ask for one.

DSC_9139 DSC_9142


DSC_9144 DSC_9146

Me and my girl!

DSC_9148 DSC_9149

Then it was time for the parade to start!  (I was amazed we had gotten there with so much time to spare and scored awesome seats!)


Best seats in the house!

DSC_9151 DSC_9153

A pretty decent family of 4 shot!

DSC_9157 DSC_9159

These 3 had a great time!

DSC_9162 DSC_9163

Once Hudson discovered that there was candy involved – he was hooked.

DSC_9166 DSC_9170

I can count on one hand how many times I have seen someone who spells their name like me. So, of course I took a picture.  Hope Meggan Oliver doesn’t mind.


Christine (who lives the closest and will never read this) finally arrived. :)


This car completely freaked me out.  It kept going back and forth, side to side, in nutty directions. The helicopter mom in me wanted to snatch Hudson up until that thing was long past us.


Chi Omega’s float!!!


Sweet Macy Joy loves Harper Joy!


Love these girls!

DSC_9193 DSC_9195 DSC_9215

and another attempt at a family of 4 shot on the swing! (Trent and I got engaged on a swing on campus. Not this one…a different one).  My mistake – I didn’t bribe Hud first.

DSC_9220 DSC_9222

Harper didn’t mind some pics:

DSC_9226 DSC_9229





And NO trip to campus is complete without a visit to “Hudson’s” bears. :)


We had a fun lunch at Chuy’s (where all the kids did really well!). Then it was a quick stop at the bookstore and Healthcamp (shakes for Hud and Trent) and Homecoming 2011 was a wrap.  I love the feeling I get when I go to Homecoming. I can’t describe it, but it is just one of the best feelings in the world.

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