Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in review…

2011 was a blessed year for us.  We got to see both of our kids grow and change – and that in itself is the biggest blessing of all. Hudson has turned into such a loveable, FUNNY kid. Of course, Harper has grown and changed leaps and bounds this year. And we have loved every minute!

In January - we got to see Hudson and Harper grow closer

In February - Hudson turned 3! and we had more record breaking snow days

In March - we finally had Hudson's birthday party after the world's worst flu

In April - we took our annual bluebonnet pics

In May - Harper rolled (and hasn't really since) and we traveled to Arizona

In June - Harper embarked on the wonderful world of solids

In July - Harper moved to the big girl car seat and we took a road trip to Omaha

In August - we left the kids at home and visited Park City and Harper learned to crawl! and Hud took swim lessons (and I apparently forgot what year it was)

In September - we took Hudson to Disney World!!!

In October - we hit all of our favorite pumpkin patches and had a Buzz and a Jessie for Halloween

In November – our baby girl turned one!!!! and we made our annual trip to Homecoming

In December - we had a LOT of sickness, but managed to fit in some fun Christmas activities!

I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!

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