Saturday, August 29, 2015

7 months old!!!

Dear Finley,

You are seven months old! You are the perfect third baby. It is unbelievable how you just go with the flow. This month you took your first long road trip and you rocked it. You slept in the pack and play and our room and I was tempted to move you back to our room when we got back home (I didn’t. But, I sure do miss you). You love watching your big brother and sister in the back and snoozing on and off.

You learn to sit up on your own this month for short periods of time! You tend to fall over after a bit, which is totally my fault because I love to hold you all of the time. And you love to be held. I am 100% okay with that. Go ahead and love that for a while, okay?

You have started to love solids a little more. You have tried a variety of foods (all purees) and gobble them up. You still drink about six bottles a day, six ounces at a time.

Your bedtime is still around six, but you are able to push that if we keep you up late. For the most part, you have to nap on the go, but if we are home you nap in your crib.

The big news this month is that you said your first word. And that word was bubba. Oh mercy, you made your brother’s world. He was thrilled beyond belief and tells everyone about your first word.

We love you so so much baby girl,


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