Sunday, August 16, 2015

Omaha Road Trip Day 1

We headed North for the 4th again this year. In the past I have always done a pinteresty tackle box for snacks. This had to be tweaked for our "new normal". This time, I did snack bags with the carbs circled and written out. it worked out great!

Hudson helped me out by writing a checklist for me:

We decided to break the trip going up into two days and picked Trent up after work. That meant I packed everything and loaded up everything and everyone that day:

We stopped for dinner in Norman and I snapped this picture of my beautiful (way too big) girl:

Dinner was obscenely long and so we had plenty of time for pictures and selfies!

We got to the hotel in Wichita around 11 and as usual - these kids DON'T SLEEP!

These 3 are super sweet:

We all went to sleep and Trent and I were awakened at 1:30 to an alarm alerting us that Hudson was going super low, super fast. It was the scariest moment we have had so far. We are so thankful for the cgm and the fact that we have it to catch these things. This was the first time we have ever seen this:

We learned a lot about road trips and how to manage Hud. He rides super high while in the car, but we have to be careful not to overcorrect because then the above happens. We live and learn every day with this!

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