Saturday, August 29, 2015

Waco trip #2

We try to have a play date every summer and Spring Break (if our breaks are the same) with some sweet friends in Waco. It usually takes quite a bit of coordinating and has to be planned weeks in advance. We threw out a date at the last minute this time and it worked out for everyone! We might have to try that from now on!
We hit up our favorite children's museum:

All of the kids:

After the museum, we thought it would be fun to take the kids to eat at the SUB (Student Union Building) on campus! It was fun! It was also a little stressful for me, I forget sometimes that I have the youngest kids by far and juggling that and the T1D can be a lot sometimes! But, after a few mishaps, it was a fun time!
We went to see the bears afterwards:

It was HOT, so we hit up the bookstore. All the kids were drawn to the technology table!

This cracked me up:

Such a fun trip to Waco and always fun to see sweet friends!

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