Sunday, August 16, 2015

The summer of appointments...I

I feel like this has been the summer of appointments. We have squeezed in a lot of fun, but unfortunately we have had a lot of appointments as well. This being the first summer post-diagnosis and getting Hud on the pump has meant a lot of time at the doctor. Throw in a couple of random viruses for Harper and a few baby well checks for Fin...and you get the picture.

6 month well check for Fin, also equaled a sick appointment for Harper :(

Hud has to see an eye doctor every year and get a dilated eye exam thanks to the type one. His eyesight was perfect and no complications - the doctor cleared us for two years! PTL!

The next day, we met the Tanners at the club to swim:

I have converted them ALL to using sleep masks!

Hud is the best big brother. Helping Fin draw:

Comforting her as she goes down for a nap:

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